Auburn Avenue five hours civil rights/human rights tour 

$69.00 per person

Auburn Avenue Five Hours Civil Rights/Human Rights Tour

Auburn Avenue African American Heritage all Inclusive Half Day Sightseeing Tour is wonderful. Peachy Keen Tourism Travel guests will see residents of Atlanta Civil Rights Foot Soldiers, Atlanta Civil Rights Headquarters (Paschal Restaurant), Atlanta Student Movement Street, Georgia first Black public high school, Atlanta University Center (HBCU), SNCC Headquarter office, Atlanta Black Crackers (Negro League Baseball), Historic Herndon Home Mansion Museum (from enslaved to Georgia first Black millionaire), Historic West End Village (vegan restaurants), Shrine of the Black Madonna, APEX Museum, Martin Luther King Jr., National Historic Site, Madame CJ Walker Salon Museum, and Historic Wheat Street Baptist Church.

Check out Atlanta Daily World on Auburn Avenue, Atlanta Daily world was America first Black daily newspaper. Atlanta Life Insurance Company building, Historic Wheat Street Baptist Church, Auburn Avenue African Research Library on African American Culture and History.