How We Got Our Start

Hello my people, my name is Shelly and I have been in the hospitality industry business over  thirty years, and I must say that I have had a heck of a ride.  I often tell my guests that if you love what you do and do what you love, you will never spend a day at workIn 1982, I was a student in college, majoring in History with a minor in Education.  Something was going on in the United States, whereas there was a shortage of African American in Government jobs.  As a student trying to complete my college education, I personally thought that, this is not my problem.  My college professor, came to me one day and ask me to take a test, this was a federal application, I told My college professor that  I am not going to take this test. 

Several times my college professor came to me and asked me to take this test, several times I told my college professor NO.  One day I arrived in his office, he put the test in front of me and told me to take this test, I think it may be good for you.   He said, Shelly, I want you to take this test.  To keep my college professor away  from me and to keep him from bothering me about taking this test, I decided to take the test.  I took the test and the rest is history.  I passed the test with flying colors, I was told that I scored an extremely high score on this test, somewhere in the top 10%, still, this didn’t impress me at all, because I am trying to graduate from college. I was assigned to a federal park in Washington DC as a seasonal Park Ranger Historian Interpreter.  I arrived in Washington DC and I decided that I was not going to stay there. I had made arrangement to quit this job.  Once I arrived there, I found out that my new friend was a snake, Sherman the snake.  I am now calling back to my home town, informing my college professor that I have a problem  here and I am leaving.  My college professor  informed me that I could not leave, he also informed me that you have people depending  on you to stay there and make the best of a bad situation.  To make a long story short, I stayed on the job and made the best of a bad situation.  Thirty years later, I am still on the job, I am still in the hospitality industry.  I must say that I have had grand  experiences and a great life.