StarStruck in Atlanta 

$75.00 per person/Half Day

StarStruck in Atlanta Half Day all Inclusive Sightseeing Tour

Lights-Cameras-Actions.  Are You impressed by Atlanta’s popularity contest?  If you are, then,  this is the tour for you.  Visit places in Atlanta where some of your  most iconic beloved movies were filmed.  Check out homes and area sites where films, movies, and variety shows were filmed in Atlanta.  You must see Madea House, Atlanta City Hall, and Georgia State Capitol.  These are all institutions where movies were filmed in Georgia.  A must see is the institution that provided wardrobe for the movie Black Panther.

Check out Atlanta City Hall, home to the mayor of the city of Atlanta. What about the Georgia state Capitol building, home to the Governor of the State of Georgia. Explore Atlanta movie history with Peachy Keen Tourism.